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East Africa -Led Adaptation Report 2021
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Africa is increasingly becoming a target for adaptation initiatives owing to its high vulnerability to climate change. The State and Trends on Adaptation in Africa report (2020) shows that adaptation to climate change is context-specific in nature. This is because different ecological zones and communities have over the years adapted to different climate change impacts. For instance, the East African context is characterized by increasing rainfall and malaria risks, on the other hand Northern Africa experiences increasing water stress and decreasing agricultural growing periods. The West of Africa is characterized by severe flood risks in coastal settlements and increased food insecurity, whilst Malaria risks and water stress are common in Southern Africa.

The Africa-wide adaptation dialogue event held on 29 July 2021 (ARIN and UKRI, 2021), underscored different regional challenges that require focused and targeted fora to understand adaptation in the regional context. More specifically, the need to profile regional experience and stakeholder voices is critical in building a broader, but consolidated Africa positioning on adaptation matters. Therefore, the Africa Research and Impact Network (ARIN)( in collaboration with the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and wider partners, co-organized the East Africa-led event, held on 27 August 2021. The aim was to: 1) create a space for the adaptation stakeholders in the region to share the impacts of various existing adaptation projects; and 2) capture emerging lessons, gaps, and opportunities. This was one of the first fora for adaptation researchers and policymakers in East Africa. The outputs of the convening are part of the wider information package for Africa that is to be shared at COP26. The overall purpose is to inform the emerging adaptation research partnerships such as the Adaptation Research Alliance that are prioritizing Africa for their programming. 

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ARIN & UKRI (2021). Adaptation Research and Policy in Southern and Western Africa Insights from COP26, Southern and Western Africa-Led Dialogue, 2021. Technical Report No. 017. Africa Research and Impact Network Nairobi, Kenya. 

Joanes Atela (ARIN), Charles Tonui (ARIN), Sarah Blackburn (UKRI), Sara Webb (UKRI), Henry Gandhi (ARIN)

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Environmental resources, protection and conservation. Examples: environmental pollution, waste storage and treatment, environmental impact assessment, monitoring environmental risk, nature reserves, landscape.
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